Snake Cake Tutorial

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This summer images of my snake cake went viral all over the internet, it appeared in newspapers, blogs and television all over the world.

My snake cake was the subject of much discussion and it was so realistic to some that they couldn’t believe that it was in fact a cake.

I have had requests from all over the world to make and ship my cake and many questions about how it was made.

Now you can learn my secrets and impress your friends 

And if you are a baker or cake maker, you can learn how I did it and make your own snake cake commissions!

In my tutorial I’ll show you how to make your very own realistic snake cake. Using my many years of specialist knowlege as a classically trained fine artist I show you step by step instructions that you can follow to create your very own reptile masterpiece.

You will get:

            • A list of all equipment and ingredients*
            • Detailed, step-by-step instructions to follow*
            • Photographs of the entire process (Nearly 50 pages of instructions and over 70 images )
            • Instant digital download via pdf, so you can you can have it on your laptop,  PC, iPad or print it out if you wish.

Original Snake Cake Tutorial

And all for less than £10!

For only £9.99 you can grab your copy of the Snake Cake Tutorial today!

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*The Snake Cake Tutorial shows you how to carve the cakes, creating the “skin” and head, painting and decorating your cake. It does NOT include a recipe for sponge cake. The Tutorial assumes that you can bake your own sponge cake with your own recipe.

** Payment will show to F Pitcher (Francesca Pitcher – North Star Cakes)